I must say that this is an adventure. I came to Alaska to ride my bike and I am building a deck. The new adventure begins on June 3. I will ride to Girdwood, Alaska,which is about 36 miles from Anchorage. On June 4 I will ride to Whittier, Alaska, which is about 24 miles from Girdwood. At Whittier I have to wait for Jim Jr. to drive me through the tunnel. There is only one road into Whittier and it goes through a tunnel. No bikes, no walking through the tunnel. In Whittier I will catch the ferry to Bellingham, Washington. I will spend five nights on the ferry between Whittier and Bellingham. From Bellingham I plan to ride my bike to Saint Paul, Minnesota. I will take a route mapped out by Adventure Cycling Association and I will use their maps. On my travels I will update this blog whenever possible. Feel free to follow along and post a comment or email me at silverfox.jim@aol.com

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have been told that the adventure has begun and that I should start posting.  Even though I am still at home.  So here goes.  First post.  It is hard to get started. 

In January or February I mailed my trailer (Bob) to Alaska via the USPS.  I took it apart and my Georgia (Wife) made a box for it. It cost about $26.00.  Which in clued my sleeping bag I stuffed in the box.  That was the cheapest way I found to send it.

Next I'll write about my bike but first I am going to post this and see if it works.

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  1. The guys at the bike shop in Anchorage said your bike was, "really well packed." Good job! ~AmyG