I must say that this is an adventure. I came to Alaska to ride my bike and I am building a deck. The new adventure begins on June 3. I will ride to Girdwood, Alaska,which is about 36 miles from Anchorage. On June 4 I will ride to Whittier, Alaska, which is about 24 miles from Girdwood. At Whittier I have to wait for Jim Jr. to drive me through the tunnel. There is only one road into Whittier and it goes through a tunnel. No bikes, no walking through the tunnel. In Whittier I will catch the ferry to Bellingham, Washington. I will spend five nights on the ferry between Whittier and Bellingham. From Bellingham I plan to ride my bike to Saint Paul, Minnesota. I will take a route mapped out by Adventure Cycling Association and I will use their maps. On my travels I will update this blog whenever possible. Feel free to follow along and post a comment or email me at silverfox.jim@aol.com

Monday, April 30, 2012

If you are interested to know about my bike, keep reading.

Brand Name:  Marin
Model:  Palisades Trail (Mountain Bike)
Size:  17 inch
Year:  2006

The bike has about 5000 miles on it.  I just put new tires on.  I went with Continental, Travel Contact, 26 x 1,75.  I also installed tire liners called Stop Flats 2.  I had problems with flats on my other tires and these Stop Flats 2 solved the problems.  I have a list of specs. and components but most people are not interested in that and I don't know what most of it means.  I shipped the bike to Anchorage on April 23.  That will be my next post.

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