I must say that this is an adventure. I came to Alaska to ride my bike and I am building a deck. The new adventure begins on June 3. I will ride to Girdwood, Alaska,which is about 36 miles from Anchorage. On June 4 I will ride to Whittier, Alaska, which is about 24 miles from Girdwood. At Whittier I have to wait for Jim Jr. to drive me through the tunnel. There is only one road into Whittier and it goes through a tunnel. No bikes, no walking through the tunnel. In Whittier I will catch the ferry to Bellingham, Washington. I will spend five nights on the ferry between Whittier and Bellingham. From Bellingham I plan to ride my bike to Saint Paul, Minnesota. I will take a route mapped out by Adventure Cycling Association and I will use their maps. On my travels I will update this blog whenever possible. Feel free to follow along and post a comment or email me at silverfox.jim@aol.com

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update from yesterday.  My checked bag at the airport weighted 60 lb. and no extra charge. 

Today I went on a 27 mile ride.  Took the Chester Creek Trail to the Coastal Trail around the airport and back to Jim and Destin's house through the city streets.  Saw three moose.  Tried to get pictures but did not want to get too close.  When I rode past them I was about 20 feet away.  This picture is where the Chester Creek Trail meets the Coastal Trail.  Stopped at the "The Bike Shop" again and he adjusted the cables.  They are going to get tired of me soon.  The price of gas in Anchorage is $4.23.

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