I must say that this is an adventure. I came to Alaska to ride my bike and I am building a deck. The new adventure begins on June 3. I will ride to Girdwood, Alaska,which is about 36 miles from Anchorage. On June 4 I will ride to Whittier, Alaska, which is about 24 miles from Girdwood. At Whittier I have to wait for Jim Jr. to drive me through the tunnel. There is only one road into Whittier and it goes through a tunnel. No bikes, no walking through the tunnel. In Whittier I will catch the ferry to Bellingham, Washington. I will spend five nights on the ferry between Whittier and Bellingham. From Bellingham I plan to ride my bike to Saint Paul, Minnesota. I will take a route mapped out by Adventure Cycling Association and I will use their maps. On my travels I will update this blog whenever possible. Feel free to follow along and post a comment or email me at silverfox.jim@aol.com

Friday, May 4, 2012

Yesterday was a good day.  Had a great flight.  Met my new granddaughter for the first time.  Seven weeks today.  See the picture.  Rode my bike around Goose Lake this morning and the gears were slipping so badly that I had to walk it up a small hill. I took it back to "The Bike Shop" and learned that the rear sprocket was worn out.  It was replaced while I waited.  $35.00 for the sprocket.  I also asked about chain lubricant and I bought Dumonde TECH Bicycle Chain Lubrication.  The tech who did the repair thought it was the best on the market.  Real nice people at the "The Bicycle Shop" in Anchorage.  Rode the bike home and I thought I was on a new bike.  Tomorrow I'll put more miles on the bike and give it a test.

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  1. She's such a doll, can't wait to see her again. Maybe she'll do a ride with you for your 80th birthday! Aunt Amy